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12 Weeks To Lose Your Butt

Welcome to our 12 week Lose Your Butt hypnotherapy and intermittent dieting program.

We would like to offer this program without ever mentioning weight but unfortunately weight and how you look is often the first pain point to drive you to take action. Worryingly, there are also many serious health issues associated with poor eating and you don’t have to be old to suffer from them.

If you join our online weight loss program and then find you are struggling on your own then, if you do it within the first 3 weeks, you can upgrade your online subscription for our one on one support which includes either face to face meetings at my office in Kingsland, Auckland or meeting using Zoom or Skype.

Lose a Pant Size

We are assuming you are joining our course so that you can lose weight. We are also assuming you are motivated enough to actually stick with it. Fortunately you will find it very easy to stick to once ‘you get it’. If you hang in there for the 12 weeks we can almost guarantee you will lose a pant size, although we are pretty confident you will lose at least two.

Get Healthy

There are a lot unpleasant health issues associated with being overweight. Unfortunately pre-diabetes, diabetes, aching joints, headaches, listless, depression and many other afflictions also come with being over weight. Fantastically most of our clients on this program find that not only do they shed a pant size, but their overall health improves.

Your leader to a Smaller Pant Size and Health and Well Being

Helena Carter

Helena trained as a hypnotherapist over 10 years ago.

Helena started off helping her corporate clients to deal with the stress and anxiety in their lives. Many of these clients also looked to food to help them cope and as a result they were also experiencing frustration, health issues and insecurities around how they looked.

Helena developed a 12 week one on one program that incorporated both hypnotherapy to help modify their food issues but also a program that incorporated intermittent dieting to give them rapid and permanent control over their weight. As a result of this powerful program Helena’s clients not just lose weight (we say they will lose a pant size) but will also find themselves getting healthier and happier. The one on one program morphed into an online course which delivers the same powerful results, but at a lesser financial investment and which you can complete in the privacy of your own home.


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