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Helena Carter Hypnotherapist
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The mind basically has two parts – the conscious and the unconscious. Our conscious mind handles our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our unconscious controls urges and habits that are outside conscious awareness.

Best Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis makes communication with your subconcious possible by simply relaxing and being open to the potential changes. Hypnosis allows for access to the part of the brain where negative habits can be changed to new beneficial patterns and behaviours creating positive changes in the way you think and feel.

This makes hypnosis a very effective method for quickly and easily change your thinking, and negative habits. If you are suffering from anxiety then hypnotherapy can be a really useful tool to allow you to change your thinking to change your life.


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Hypnotherapy Is Effective

Dont believe me, a study from the American Psychological Association* found that when hypnosis was used with 18 people ‘The results indicated that hypnosis substantially enhanced treatment outcome,’ by a ‘Greater improvement than at least 70% of clients receiving non-hypnotic treatment.’ The symptoms that were treated include anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction.

As well as being effective, hynosis is also a very pleasant experience which will leave you feeling happy and relaxed. American Psychological Association (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)

How The Program Works

  • Removes Triggers
  • Disconnect the connections with negative thoughts or behaviours
  • Change the actions to effectively deal with triggers
  • Create new beneficial behaviours and thinking
  • Become Symptom free
  • Change your outlook and change the way you think
  • Learn easy techniques to reduce symptoms
  • Leave your limiting issues behind and live a new life
  • Live Your life With More Confidence
  • Live a new life
  • Become who you really want to be
  • be comfortable in any situation

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