Most people have very positive experiences when having hypnotherapy and some of my clients are kind enough to provide wonder feedback regarding their experiences.

I assist people from all over New Zealand and a few from other countries. I specialise in stop smoking hypnotherapy but I also assist clients with other issues such as anxiety, low self esteem and weight loss. Many issues need to be addressed over a number of sessions (we have treatment schedules) and are generally not resolved in a single session although, things can often be improved from day one.

I am absolutely pleased with myself for not giving up and attending your event on Monday night. Thankyou because if I hadnt have come I would still be dragging on the end of a cigarette.

Its strange, my family recently said “we can you around so we can ll go on holidays, whether it be tramping, walking, shopping and being in the now.

Again a hearty thanks and today I’M A NON SMOKER!

Regards June XXX – Kaitaia

Hi there Helena,

I just wanted to thank you again for monday night, both my partner and myself are non smokers still and dont even ge the urge for a ciggy, which is fantastic 🙂


this is wonderful thank you so much for changing my life

Michelle – Auckland

8 days in allis good thank you!! Love your work, all the best.

Carla – Auckland