Free ‘I Am A Non Smoker’ Sleep Hypnosis

Please feel free to download this hypnotic track to help you sleep better and to convince your subconscious that you no longer wish to be enslaved by tobbacco.

This track is particularly useful if you have attended my group ‘I AM A NON SMOKER’ hypnotherapy seminars.

Just get into bed at the end of the day and get comfortable. Don’t worry if you fall asleep during the track, or dont worry if you dont fall asleep while listening to the track. Either way the subconscious is listening.

I am a non smoker night time hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for all types of problems you may encounter. Cessation of smoking is a particularly easy problem to fix with the use of hypnotherapy, so do yourself a favor and start the process either by contacting me and having a one on ones session or attending one of my seminars*.


I just wanted to thank you again for Monday night, both my partner and myself are non smokers still and dont even get the urge for a ciggy, which is fantastic 😍🥰..

My husband and I are doing well…we have not had a ciggy…I guess that is because we are non-smokers….thank you….

One final thought… you are not reducing your choices by becoming a non smoker… you are empowering yourself to make better choices by choosing not to smoke. Suddenly you are choosing your health and your relationships over choosing tobacco. You are also choosing wealth… how much money are you saving by becoming ‘a non smoker’?

*If you live somewhere in the north island and would like to help me run a ‘I am a non smoker’ hypnotherapy seminar in your town then message me and lets see what we can do.

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