3 Inspiring hours, over 3 evenings to reset your Happiness levels

Let’s make 2023 your best year yet. What happens on the outside of you does not have to affect the inside of you.

Sign up for this happiness reset and find yourself with:

  • reduced anxiety
  • improved calm
  • smiling more

3 inspiring hours to reset your happiness levels.

I will give you some easy tips to manage your reaction to the day to day challenges you will encounter. We also have a lovely relaxing hypnotherapy session to cement those newly learnt techniques into your subconcious. You will notice a difference after every session.

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3 hours to chanage your mindset with hypnotherapy

ONLY $150 for all three sessions (intro price)

You must attend 3 consecutive evenings. ie 3 Tuesday nights at 6pm in a row. If you miss a night then you forfeight the night.

When you come, can you please come a little early so we are all settled by 6pm.

If you come to the first session and introduce someone new to the reset happiness sessions you will get a voucher to attend an additional Tuesday evening. This is for you exclusively and can’t be given away. Dont worry if you think you will have heard it all before… you will still learn new things and the more often you do hypnotherapy, the more you will enjoy it.


Sandringham Community Centre,

18/20 Kitchener Street, Sandringham, Auckland

Tuesday 31 January 2023 @ 6pm

Tuesday 07 February 2023 @ 6pm

Tuesday 14 February 2023 @ 6pm

Tuesday 21 February 2023 @6pm

Tuesday 28 February 2023 @ 6pm

there will be further Tuesday nights available posted soon.

Any questions or thoughts feel free to email me on helena@straightthinkinghypnotherapy.com or call on 021-905990

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