Lose Your Butt 12 Week Online Course

Welcome to our 12 week online version of our 12 Week One on One Lose Your Butt Program. I am sure you are going to excel at this and reach your weight and health goals, but that doesn’t happen if you dont actually do the work. There is homework and you will need to do it each week. While this is an online course. I do watch your progress!

The upside of this program is that you will not be under pressure to do the homework and stick to the program, but the downside is that you will have to be honest with yourself and do the work if you want to see the amazing results that are possible with the combination of Intermittent Dieting and Hypnotherapy.

I think we can safely assume that at this point in time you are at a cross-road and you need to make changes in your life both from a losing weight perspective but also a health and happiness perspective. This is not some woo woo, you need to be both healthy and happy for you to really live the life you desire.

If at any time you decide that you need to move to the more managed one on one course then you are welcome to contact us and you can upgrade to the one on one course with a $500 discount. This is will mean a further $1500 NZ payment. You will also start this new course from the beginning.


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